A downloadable game for Windows

This is my entry for JamGoJam $100 Weekly | JamDNA15


- In Menu

Press Up or Down to move in menu, press Left or Right to change value and Press Enter to select an option

- In Game

Press Left or Right to move left or right

Press Up or Down to switch lane

Press Enter to Pause the game. Pause menu can be used to exit current game

All assets except for fonts are created during the jam period

Endless Runner = The game is an endless runner in which player (a running happy heart)  is running endlessly on a lane
Happy = The player is a happy running heart smiling happily no matter what happens. The music also has upbeat theme
Hyperactive = The more coins player collected, the faster the heart can move left or right. Combo counter also increases moving speed until it's gone

Chiptune = The music is retro styled made with same vibe as classic Megaman series


OpenBoR team = The team who developed the engine used to create this game

Senile team = The team who developed Beats of Rage engine, the base of OpenBoR engine

Juhani Junkala = The composer who composed the tracks used in this game

www.bfxr.net = The website from which SFXs are created


HappyHeart.rar 9 MB

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